Chiru – The Real opposed of Pawan!

Chiru – The Real opposed of Pawan!

Chiru – The Real opposed of Pawan!: JC Diwakar Reddy never fails to shock with his comments every time he comes into sight before media persons. Recently, Diwakar claimed to be unfit to continue as MP for failing to develop Anantapur Dist. Diwakar had once commented that MPs are treated like curry leaves in Delhi. This most senior politician made it clear he won’t participate in 2019 Elections. Instead, He wants his son Pavan Kumar Reddy to participate the legacy.

Chiru - The Real opposed of Pawan
Chiru – The Real opposed of Pawan

Interestingly, Anantapur MP shared his views on chiru and Pawan Kalyan this time. He opined the mistakes committed by megastar will certainly haunt power star. ‘Chiru started Praja Rajyam. He committed a slip by merging it with Congress. Sowing seeds in the ground alone isn’t the crop has to grow for extra benefits. Those mistakes will do Pawan,’ he said.

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While reacting to the entry of YCP Leader Gurnadha Reddy jump to TDP, Diwakar commented that the Ex-MLA isn’t participating for MLA ticket in next elections. ‘Not under MLA Prabhakar Chowdary’s leadership, All of us are gonna work under  Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s leadership. Every political leader has been facing some sort of illegal these days. Needless to focus on them. The judgment of the court in Missamma Bungalow topic will be final,’ says the MP.

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