15 killed In Fire Mishap At Roof-Top Pub

15 killed In Fire Mishap At Roof-Top Pub: About 15 people including 12 women were killed in a massive fire mishap which took place at the ‘1 Above’ restaurant in Mumbai’s Kamala Mills. The fire spread to nearby restaurants and offices within the short time. Fire Safety personnel took over 3 hours to put off the flames.

15 killed In Fire Mishap At Roof-Top Pub

The Fire Broke out at around 12.30 am. In just half-an-hour, Entire building engulfed in flames. Most of the casualties were the Woman who attended a birthday bash at a rooftop restaurant. Even the Woman who celebrated the birthday has passed away.

Mumbai Doctor Sulbha KG Arora, who was at the restaurant when the fire accident took place, says Stampede happened soon after fire broke out. ‘I fell down after someone pushed Me. People ran over me when the ceiling was burnt to ashes. Lucky to have been alive,’ he says.

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