2 Countries! Sunil – What Is This Amma?

2 Countries! Sunil: Sunil’s shift from Comedian to Hero was smooth but the least expected such a long bad patch within years after transformation. None of his films hit the bull’s eye after ‘Poolarangadu’. Today, This Comedian-turned-Hero tests his luck with ‘2 Countries’. For a change, Sunil preferred a class film with mass touch this time.

Promotions are a must to take any movie into the people. Whereas, Makers of ‘2 Countries’ opted for low-key promotions. There isn’t much Hungama except for Sunil’s interview. Even Sunil spoke mostly about Chiranjeevi, Trivikram and why he wasn’t part of ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ in them. He didn’t reveal anything quite interesting about his new movie to build the buzz. Could that be a minus?

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Whenever a Film starring Sunil hits the screens, Movie Lovers expect some Hungama at least in the rural areas. But here, The craze for Sunil has been underutilized. In Overseas, There is hardly any buzz due to lack of minimum publicity.

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