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Agnyaathavaasi Movie | Victory Venkatesh :

The much-awaited Pawan Kalyan film ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ is finally released.  The expectations were sky-high but ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ but the initial talk not that positive.  Fans were slightly disappointed with the film as they were expecting a super hit talk.

A section of Pawan fans are not worried about the talk and they are saying that he is always Power Star for them irrespective of the result.  Others are worried about the negative talk as they might affect the collections.   Apart from all these things, the audience were severely disappointed with Venky’s absence in the film.  It is known that there were reports in the media that Venky played a cameo in the film and there was a thanks card in the titles to Venkatesh.  The audience who were eagerly waiting for his cameo left disappointed.

There is talk going on in the film circles that Venky’s scenes will be added to the film from the second week.  We don’t know how far this is true but some people are even expressing the doubts that whether there will be any advantage to the film or not.  As the movie already received divide talk, this kind of lateral addition won’t much help the prospects of the film.  We all know that positive talk spreads slowly but negative talk spreads like a wildfire.  In such a situation, we have to wait and see how ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ team is going to do with Venky’s cameo.

Agnyaathavaasi Movie | Victory Venkatesh

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