Complaint Filed Against Anasuya

Complaint Filed Against Anasuya: Anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj is popular with Jabardasth TV show. Her presence in the TV show is certainly an additional advantage for the show organizers to grab more TRP numbers. She enjoys a huge name and fame in both the Telugu states and whenever people spot her, they usually show interest in posing for pictures with her.

In a shocking incident, a woman lodged a complaint with the Osmania police that Anasuya damaged her phone when her son tried to take a picture with the actress.
Going more into the details, Anasuya has been to Tarnaka area on some work and a kid who happened to observe her on the road reached her to take a selfie with her. Anasuya who doesn’t want this grabbed the mobile phone from the kid’s hand and damaged it by throwing away.

The kid’s mother claims that Anasuya also used some unparliamentary language. Hence, she filed a complaint against the actress.

On the other side, Anasuya, on Twitter posted, “Not that the country needs such news.. but.. to those whom I am answerable.. #facts I am sorry her phone broke but i think its not fair that i should be blamed for what i remotedly didn’t.. we owe our privacy.

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