health tips for man before marriage

health tips for man before marriage: Health is a basic concern of human being and other living creatures. Life without health is a burden and a serious trouble. Health is a top priority in most of the countries of the world and they expense a lion share of their economy on this matter. In third world countries like Pakistan health was badly neglected in past times and in response to this, a large portion of the population suffered from many basic and simple ailments. It is clear round the world that men do not care their health and they are mostly looking after by their female partners or mothers. Men are so busy with their assignments and duties that they even not care about their lunch or dinner and due to this hurries and worries they damage their tips for man before marriage Carelessness from men is the main cause of their health problems those are because of their businesses, jobs or other consignments. In other words, men’s schedule is so tight and they do not have any spare time for their health. It is most important and compulsory for men to visit their doctors on a regular basis, in this way they can protect their health from various diseases before they occur.

health tips for man before marriage

It is also very clear and base on the reality that health is wealth, it means that if you do not have good health status, then how can you earn money from different activities. Although wealth is necessary for status and life, but it is after the health. It is also vital that you have to pay full attention to your health issues before converting into a serious problem. Men do not care their skin and they think it is a matter of women while sun badly damages the skin of men because they do not care it. It is good for men skin health that if they use a branded sun blocker to protect their skin from dangerous sun rays. Men are so careless about their food that sometimes they don’t get time to eat the meal and sometimes eat too much. Men should take care of their diet and eat the balanced diet. Natural foods, fruits, vegetables, and roughage are excellent for men’s health and in this way they can manage their balanced diet. A minor positive change can change the whole scenario of men’s health and for this, they have to participate in light exercise just like jogging. Here, we have some easy basic men’s health and fitness tips.

health tips for man before marriage

1. Overweight or obesity is a main and serious problem in men because of their busy schedule moreover they do not care about foods intake. To avoid the obesity-related problems men have to go out to light exercise or game to control their extra weight. It is also good for health if men spare some time for body relaxation, which is more beneficent to conserve the energy and it gives a soothing effect on body and mind. Obesity, before marriage is very bad and always keep in mind beautiful girls, don’t like fat men, especially for marriage.

2. Smoking cigarette or cigar is common among the men and it causes many serious disorders in men like cancer, heart attack and tuberculosis. Quit smoking and decrees the chances of said diseases. Smoking is not only harmful for health as well as it also disturbs your budget. Smoking is socially not accepted in many places due to its bad effects, smoking is not only injurious to smokers, but it also damages the nearby people known as passive smokers.

3. Visit your doctor regularly and examine your cholesterol and blood pressure because if these are neglected, then they cause a huge damage. It is necessary that check your cholesterol level on the regular basis, in this way men can prevent themselves from the heart attack and hypertensive problems. Regular medical check-up identifies many problems before they cause huge loss and on the early-stage disease can easily be treated.

4. Add all major food groups in your diet for healthy skin and fitness not only before marriage but also after marriage. The major food groups are carbohydrate, fat, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. Water is most basic liquid for body hydration and used for excretion of toxicity from the body. Take fresh fruits and add juices to your diet. Citrus fruits are the main source of vitamin C, which is good for healthy skin.

5. Exercise, which is regular is good for high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, and obesity. Regular exercise controls the body weight in control as well as sugar level in blood. Exercise relaxes the body muscles and helpful for deep sleep. A light exercise also increases the metabolism of the body, which is nice for digestion and other body systems. Exercise excretes many toxic materials from the body in the form of sweat.

6. Men who want to have a satisfying marriage should try to make sure that they are accountable for the part they play in the relationship. In my opinion, marriage has a positive effect on a variety of health outcomes and mental health is the most prominent one, married men have a lower risk of depression and a higher likelihood of satisfaction. As a married man, men should not indulge in bad activities and take good care of their health. In this way, they can spend the happy and healthy life.

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Dear readers, in this article I have written some basic health tips for men. If you like this post or you think there is something missing or you want to add more to this post then please share it in form of comments at the end of this post. Your comments, experiences, and suggestions will really help others to live the healthy life.

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