Poonam Kaur Gets Angry, Calls Him Fatso! issue on Powerstar

Poonam Kaur Gets Angry:

Poonam Kaur Gets Angry: Poonam Kaur is die-hard fan of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. She never hid her admiration towards the star.She regularly uses her Twitter platform to show how much she “likes” him. It is also rumored that Pawan Kalyan recommended her name for the brand ambassadorship of AP Handlooms.

Showing her admiration for PK, her latest series of tweets have targeted a media person who has been criticizing Pawan Kalyan with seemingly personal grudge.Without naming him, she called him fatso. Beggars are better than the guys who are taking money criticizing others, she commented in harsh manner.

“I am bored to see the same fatso (on TV),” she tweeted.

Although she hasn’t named it is clear that she is referring to the critic-filmmaker, who has been posting videos and tweets against Pawan Kalyan.While some others defend him as it is a form of dissent, while others say he is seeking attention and getting popular by attacking a big star.

Whatever be his intention, popular TV9 is using him on regular basis for anti-Pawan discussion.Now, Poonam Kaur is raising further controversy with her tweets.

Here are are tweets..

Beggarsrbetter than people who rmaking money outta criticising others,okeyy suthi,change the man or the topic,I am bored 2c the same fatso!

Employment problems…papam…contribute trps it’s a way of donating guys4 some1s ill health actually should pay4 weight reduction programme 

One fatso got stuck in a pothole,it’s like I want the chief minister to pick n save me as he gave permission to lay it funny fatso.don’t tell mecommenting onbeing fat is personal,M worried abtmillions watchinngetting inspired,concerned aboutJanam physical nmental health!

Figure out the difference between a mans higher purpose and ulterior motive , staying in the pot hole coz u being paid is ulterior motive

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