Poonam Kaur’s Brother Responds to Kathi mahesh

With critic Mahesh Kathi alleging that Poonam Kaur became brand ambassador for AP Handlooms on the recommendation of Pawan Kalyan and she also attempted suicide before in an issue, the whole controversy erupted into a huge breaking news.

Poonam Kaur didn’t react on this allegation yet. However, her brother Shyam Singh Lal has responded now.

“She has become brand ambassador of Andhra Pradesh’s handlooms on her merits. She studied in NIFT, she has passion for Handlooms.

She has huge number of followers on Twitter and Facebook. She doesn’t need any hero’s support to get this job. She has her own talents to achieve,” he said.

Her brother also refuted allegations and rumors…

Our roots are in Punjab. Unlike the Telugus, we don’t do kshudrapoojas.

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Whenever Poonam went to Tirupathi, we were with her.

Nor she ever attempted suicide.

We will file case on Mahesh Kaththi.

He has lost mental balance, he needs to be put up in Jail.

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